Presumpscot tribe 21

Presumpscot tribe 21 – Red Men of Maine

Improved Order of Redmen
Reservation of Maine
Hunting Grounds of East Sebago
Welcomes you to Presumpscot Tribe #21


The IORM is the oldest and first true American Fraternal Order, dating back to Dec 16th1773 when our great patriots dumped the tea over board.
With that very event it was clear we founded a Brotherhood that brought the early American settlers in line with the traditions and spiritual beliefs of Native Americans.

Coming together to serve as Native Tribes did, with respect for the Land, Waters & Sky. Pledging trust of one another love of our families, both Pale Face and Redmen could be friends showing each other Freedom, Friendship & Charity dwell in our hearts.

The Tribal hall is set to reflect the rank of command as did the campfires of Native Tribes, Sachem, Sagamore Jr. & Sr., a Prophet (Spiritual Guide), Braves & Worriers. Advancing from seat to seat at the council brand, advances your rank in the tribe. Our four statewide tribes are governed over by a Great Council made up of Great Chiefs from all over Maine and each State is over seen by The National Council located in Waco, TX.

Once 240 Tribes strong here in Maine, we’re facing as all fraternal orders are and drop in membership. Currently Maine has 4 active tribes (Cumberland, Belfast, Pownal & Sebago).

At a recent membership drive an applicant made a statement to me “how can we let such a wonderful order disappear here in Maine” he followed it with “if not me, then who. If not know, then when” he is now a member.
We’ve undergone some serious renovations at our hall here in Sebago, we know share it with an Odd Fellow Lodge (Crystal #94). Again working together, building a better world in spirit and it truth.

Please take the time to investigate further and you’ll find an Order steeped it history and values.

Presumpscot Tribe #21
26 West Shore Rd.
PO Box 119
Sebago, ME 04029 or phone 207-807-1916 Ken or 207-653-8046 Tom