43 cats are traveling from Houston to a Cincinnati animal shelter

                          43 cats are traveling from Houston to a Cincinnati animal shelter

                          CINCINNATI (FOX19) - After traveling hundreds of miles to help a Houston shelter affected by hurricane Laura, Cincinnati volunteers return Sunday with dozens of cats in tow.

                          Two people from the Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) left Cincinnati on Friday for Houston.

                          They traveled to the Harris County Animal Shelter to pick up 43 cats.

                          Alle Foster, OAR coordinator, said they are helping the Houston facility make space for animals impacted by the hurricane.

                          When the volunteers arrive in Cincinnati with the cats late Sunday night, Foster said the OAR building will be transformed into an assembly line.

                          “We will have everyone kind of lined up from the building to the van, and just having tables ready to go, and placing cats as carefully as we can,” Foster said.

                          The non-profit received a large donation of supplies, which Foster said will help them with the new intakes.

                          “We have a full crew of volunteers ready to meet at midnight to help us unload, get everyone settled, make sure everyone has food and bathroom and anything that they might need for the night before they can be seen by our vets in the morning,” Foster said.

                          The plan is to get the 43 felines settled into foster homes for a week or two before they are adopted out.

                          Foster said some of the animals do need medical attention.

                          “Nothing immediate or critical, but we did get a couple cats who have ringworm, which is a type of fungus. It’s not as scary as it sounds,” Foster said.

                          “Then a couple cats, they have upper respiratory infections. We call them URIs, and so we’ll have some medicine for them ready to go,” Foster said.

                          According to Foster, OAR will likely be helping the Houston shelter again in the coming weeks.

                          “We might actually be accepting 20 additional kittens from them, and they might make the trip to us this time,” she said.

                          All of the cats coming from Texas have been named after cities in Texas.

                          Anyone who would like to foster, adopt or donate to the non-profit can learn more on the organization’s website or Facebook page.

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