Ohio Task Force 1 updates on Hurricane Laura search and rescue efforts

                          Ohio Task Force 1 updates on Hurricane Laura search and rescue efforts

                          CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ohio Task Force One is now just east of Lake Charles performing search and rescue in the aftermath of hurricane Laura.

                          Taskforce leader Jack Reall says that over the past few days they have been searching the southeast area of Calcasieu Parish.

                          Reall says they have primarily been clearing structures and doing evaluations.

                          “We are finding a lot of significantly damaged buildings. Mostly wind damage, not a lot of water damage but mostly wind damage in this area,” Reall said.

                          The crew out in the field found many dogs stuck in buildings on Sunday, Reall told FOX19.

                          “And we’ve helped people get out of their structures, out of their driveways, and we’ve done some removals of patients from nursing homes and gotten them to shelters,” Reall said.

                          Most people heeded the warnings of the hurricane, Reall says, and were able to get out of the path of the storm

                          However, as Reall describes, those in assisted care and nursing care facilities, as well as those who don’t have the means to leave, were forced to stay in the area.

                          “Those are the ones we’re finding we are providing the most assistance to,” Reall said.

                          Currently, Ohio Task Force One has 84 people deployed in Louisiana.

                          They started work last Thursday and, with any luck and no more requests for assistance, could be headed home on Wednesday.

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